There are many terms or designations for this one bean, ranging from peanuts, una nuts, suuk, jebrol nuts, bandung beans, tuban nuts, kole beans and many more. These nuts are very familiar to the Indonesian people's tongue because they are often used as a snack or an ingredient for making food. This grain, which is commonly called groundnut, is a kind of tropical shrub with a height of 30 to 50 centimeters. Research has found that peanuts are a good choice for maintaining cholesterol levels. These nuts provide a lot of protein compared to other nuts. Peanuts also contain 170 calories and 14 grams of fat.

Peanuts are plants that can live in tropical and subtropical climates. Indonesia as a country with a tropical climate is a very suitable area as a place to grow peanuts. With a climate that supports the growth of peanuts, Indonesia is one of the countries that is the largest producer of peanuts in 2021 according to FAO data, ranking seventh. The peanut commodity has a strategic meaning because it provides the most essential needs for life as food and a much needed source of vegetable protein. Peanuts are widely used as a raw material for food processing. In addition, peanuts are also exported abroad